3 Reasons to Avoid Using Carpet Deodorisers for Pet Odour

When your dog or cat pees on your carpet and you’re desperate to get rid of the smell fast, you may think the best solution is using a carpet deodoriser. After all, the name suggests that it’ll deodorise your home and clean away the urine smell.

However, more often than not, using carpet deodorisers on pet odours is a bad idea. Here are three reasons to avoid deodorising powder โ€” and what you should try instead. Continue reading


DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Carpet

If you pets, children, or both then you are no stranger to stains and odours. You likely have tried many cleaning solutions, and even a few DIY options, to get rid of the odours and stains. The problem is, some of the methods and techniques you find online and in social media may be spreading or trapping the odours and stains instead of eliminating them.

Here are a few of the DIY carpet cleaning mistakes that may be damaging your carpet and making it more expensive to clean.

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5 Benefits of Getting Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Are you unsure about the value of getting your carpets professionally cleaned? Do you feel like vacuuming regularly and scrubbing out the odd stain is enough? If so, you’re missing out on loads of potential benefits. Professional carpet cleaning is much more thorough than anything you could do yourself, and it can improve everything from carpet appearance to air quality around your home.

This post discusses five great benefits offered by professional carpet cleaning. Continue reading


3 Health Risks That Can Be Avoided With Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning


Carpets are an enduringly popular floor covering in Australian homes. They’re attractive, theyโ€™re warm underfoot and they provide a soft covering for sitting or playing on. Most people vacuum their carpets several times a week to keep them clean and pleasant to use. Having the carpets professionally cleaned is also a common practice, although it isn’t one that’s carried out on a regular basis by many people.
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